Hydrogen Generation

MRT™’s Pure Hydrogen Generators generate pure hydrogen at capacities to suit a range of end uses, wherever the gas is needed.  Using natural gas, propane or renewable feeds, MRT™’s units will be part of a free-standing, autonomous approach to hydrogen distribution, eliminating the cost and environmental impact of transportation.  Applications for the technology include:
  • On-site generation for industrial end-users, such as glass manufacturers, edible oil processors, metal processors and semi-conductor manufacturers – lowering the cost of hydrogen.
  • Production of hydrogen for industrial gas companies at depots and transfer stations – reducing the need for transportation and its attendant problems.
  • Generation of hydrogen at refueling stations for fuel cell vehicles and for vehicles fueled by hydrogen-enriched blends such as Hythane, reducing tailpipe emissions.

While units are initially geared to capacities in the 15-50 Nm³/h range, the technology can be readily scaled to higher and lower capacity as applications require.

Hydrogen Purification and Recovery

MRT™’s HydRec™ Membrane Purifiers are capable of purifying hydrogen gas to 99.999%+ purity for a range of end-uses in a reliable and cost-effective way.  Applications include:
  • Final cleanup of electrolytic hydrogen, to remove traces of water vapour and other contaminants.  A simple single stage Membrane Purifier can replace several stages of cleanup presently used in electrolyzer systems.
  • Upgrade bulk-quality hydrogen to ultra-high purity hydrogen, for chemical and fuel cell applications.
  • Hydrogen Recovery from mixed gas streams such as Town Gas or refinery fuel gas.
In these applications, hydrogen recompression, as well as fuel cells and other devices, can be incorporated to produce a fully integrated system.