Hydrogen generation

MRT™ has developed a proven, proprietary technology to generate low-cost, high-purity hydrogen more efficiently than conventional methods of steam-methane reforming natural gas.

Based on patented fluidized-bed membrane reactor(FBMR) technology, the process combines hydrocarbon reforming, shift conversion and hydrogen purification in a single step.

MRT™ has completed a number of successful demonstration projects where FBMR reactors have produced pure hydrogen.  One unit was supplied to Tokyo Gas, giving improved performance in comparison with fixed bed membrane reformers.  Another unit was built in association with Linde and the US DOE.  MRT™ is also working to combine sorbent-enhanced reforming, with calcined limestone capture of CO2, with membrane-enhanced reforming.  This combination can contribute to improved reforming efficiency, greenhouse gas capture and better energy integration.

Hydrogen Purification and Recovery

Based on its proprietary and patented membrane technology and capitalising on its recent scientific and practical advances, MRT™ is developing a family of hydrogen purifiers for the industrial separation market. Our membranes operate at high temperatures and pressures, saving energy and improving process efficiency.


If it's more hydrogen you need, here is an integrated generation system that warrants your close attention. MRT™'s patented membrane reactor technology delivers low-cost, high-purity hydrogen, and more of it too. It can beat the cost of delivered hydrogen and is more efficient than conventional hydrocarbon reformers, surpassing their output of hydrogen per unit input of methane.

Everyday, tons of hydrogen are consumed around the world, through the combustion of mixed gases in industrial and domestic applications.  MRT™’s proprietary membrane technology recovers hydrogen from these mixed gases, to maximize the global supply.